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[Exclusive] Stream/Download “Systematic Guillotine” From Dawn Of Ashes

Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with Dawn Of Ashes to bring you an exclusive stream/download of their track “Systematic Guillotine”, which comes from their new album Anathema (out via Metropolis Records).

The title track “Systematic Guillotine” is based on my nasty ego, my misanthropic hatred towards humanity, & the generalization of how I fulfill my confidence with everything that makes me rebel against normal society. In my mind, I create a human holocaust where my thoughts create visions of pain / suffering & then transforms my ego (self pride) into a vicious persona who doesn’t show emotions for what people have to say or how they view me.” -Kristof

Dawn Of Ashes will be touring with Psyclon Nine in late summer/early fall. Head on below for the tour dates and to download “Systematic Guillotine”.

Dawn Of Ashes and Psyclon Nine tour dates:
Phoenix, AZ Aug 26, 2013
Albuquerque, NM Aug 27, 2013
Dallas, TX Aug 29, 2013
Austin, TX Aug 30, 2013
Miami, FL Sep 01, 2013
Tampa, FL Sep 02, 2013
Atlanta, GA Sep 04, 2013
Richmond, VA Sep 05, 2013
NYC, NY Sep 06, 2013
Baltimore, ML Sep 08, 2013
Philadelphia, PA Sep 09, 2013
Buffalo; NY Sep 10, 2013
Pittsburgh, PA Sep 13, 2013
Columbus, OH Sep 14, 2013
Cleveland, OH Sep 15, 2013
Ann Arbor, MI Sep 17, 2013
Cincinnati, OH Sep 18, 2013
Indianapolis, IN Sep 19, 2013
Chicago, IL Sep 20, 2013
Milwaukee/Madison, WI Sep 21, 2013
Minneapolis, MN Sep 22, 2013
St. Louis, MO Sep 23, 2013
Tulsa, OK Sep 25, 2013
Denver, CO Sep 27, 2013
SLC, UA Sep 28, 2013
Seattle, WA Sep 30, 2013
Portland, OR Oct 01, 2013
San Francisco, CA Oct 03, 2013
Las Vegas, NV Oct 04, 2013
Los Angeles, CA Oct 05, 2013

Dawn Of Ashes on-line:

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