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[TV] Weird! “Scream” Is Headed To TV! Wes Craven In Talks To Direct

New has just hit that MTV is moving forward with an official pilot order for “Scream”, per THR. This comes after nearly a year of speculation, but now it seems all but pre-determined that this thing will actually be shot. Will we ever see it? IE, will it make it to series? My guess is yes – it’s too well known of a property for MTV to not test the waters on it (unless they find the pilot to be atrocious, but I’m guessing they won’t).

Wes Craven is in discussions to come back to direct the pilot, which will be an hour-long. It appears as though Kevin Williamson will not be returning since MTV is currently taking meetings with other writers. This also probably means the death of Scream 5.

There’s no word on if any of the original cast will be back. My guess is they certainly wouldn’t star, but we might see a cameo here and there.

Dimension Films will co-produce. If “Scream” receives a series order it will hit in late summer 2014.



  • undertaker78

    This could be really cool. I would do it as a one-time season (sort of like Harper’s Island).

  • r3dline

    i have a feeling this is going to crap out quick, but im down to see how it goes, i have a soft spot for scream movies for some reason.

  • Kroork

    Worst news ever !

    The tv show will suck just as bad as all the stupid ” my Psycho sweet 16 ” I wnted scream to get darker, not lighter. Scream 5 is dead. Scream is dead. And I am officially pissed.

    • Stevie Jess

      Could not agree more. Scream was perfect as a trilogy. It was a great rounded trilogy with a story fitting well. I KNOW that the 4th was back by popular demand, because it was total crap, and having to loser high school students pattern the original murders and film it, with their motive being for fame, was just lame. And now a tv show? Ghostface used to be scary, now he’s just gonna be as normal as your next door neighbor. Nothing scary about it at all anymore. David Arquette is wanting nothing to do with the series. Good on him.

      But MAN I am so vexed.

    • SuperKilla

      I agree this news is horrendous.
      If this show is made it will probably ruin all the films before it.
      Pathetic they think ‘Scream” as a t.v. series will be good.
      “Scream” started as a movie about people who like horror movies not t.v. shows.
      Walking Dead started the new horror trend into t.v. shows the same way Texas Chainsaw 2003 started the remake trend.
      Will they make references to horror t.v. shows now?
      So lame, not daring, unoriginal, and upsetting.
      Words that were not used to describe the ‘Scream” films before.

  • justina

    why must everything good be messed with? just the fact that its airing on mtv-which has got to be the WORST channel on television-says enough. in my mind, it already sucks. but im sure ill watch it anyway just to get even more irritated.

  • egaltt23

    I’m a huge fan of the Scream franchise and the idea of a tv show bothers me…

    • egaltt23

      Especially being on MTV.

      • Stevie Jess

        On MTV, along with Teen Mom and all that piss.

  • itsnickkarcher

    I can see this being good. MTV’s other teen horror is pretty decent, My Super Psycho Sweet 16 and Teen Wolf. Of course it will be a lot more tame especially in comparison to Scream 4. Blood wiseould expect Scream 2 meet Scream 3.

    If Craven is directing it should be okay even though without Williamson it will be hard to consider it really Scream related.

    I think it will pair well with Teen Wolf which has stellar ratings so…

    • GothicGuido

      Iv never heard of SPS16 but teen wolf is terrible imo. Dunno what planet your living in but that show is embarrassing (16 year old stylish girls hunting werewolves… Yeah that’s cool)

      • itsnickkarcher

        Lol, maybe I shouldn’t have spoke on that cause I’ve only seen one episode but was pretty suspenseful. A guy and a girl were being chased though a school by a werewolf.

      • djblack1313

        no way GothicGuido. TEEN WOLF is awesome. i don’t know what drugs your doing or “what planet YOU are living” ON but the show is great.

        • GothicGuido

          Bathsalts? Jenkem? lol. Its bad man, catering to the twilight crowd. I’m all for different interpretation of werewolves but the show is extremely unbelievable. Not to mention cliche, nerd (who’s attractive) gets good at sports, starts growing hair. Seen it 100 times before. I’m a huge werewolf nerd and that show is an injustice to my furry friends.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    i think this is a terrible idea and i LOVE the scream franchise. it’s gonna get watered down for TV. i’ll check it out anyway though because i love the scream movies as previously mentioned. i just hope that it’s more of a spin off then an actual series following the movies so there would still be hope for a scream 5.

  • staindFAN

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is such bullshit! I hate MTV and everything it stands for. Scream is one of my favorite horror franchises and I don’t like seeing it go down this path.

  • Incinerated


    I can’t see how this could be good… I can easily see how it’d be really boring stretched out over an entire season.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I don’t know how this will work. I’ll give it a chance, though. Can’t be any worse than Scream 3.

    • Skull-And-Crossbones

      MTV can ruin anything. look what they did to beavis and butthead when they brought it back. that whole season was hilarious and they give it a crappy time slot and didn’t do enough to promote the show and there hasn’t been any talk of a second season since.

  • dr.lamb

    Sorry to be a little off-topic here, but: Guillermo del Toro closed a deal to adapt the manga/anime “Monster” for HBO !

    • EvanDickson

      Yep we wrote a story about that yesterday

      • dr.lamb

        Damn, I am lame 🙂

  • DarrelDreadful

    Im a sucker for Scream so of course I will be checking it out. If it sucks, I’ll stop watching. If its good, then HORAY! The only thing Im uncomfortable about is it being on MTV. Wes still directing is great. I think it would be a cool, and not so far fetched idea, if this picked up a bit after Scream 4. We find out Kirby isnt dead and we get a whole new scenario. Cameos from the original 3 would be nice, just please don’t replace them with other actors (that will piss me off) and please dont kill them (that will really piss me off). If either of those are even considered, just leave them out of the show completely. *Fingers crossed for KIRBY and Hayden playing her again* Any other thing I could ask for is clever writing, and let’s get a fair amount of blood please. Ugh this is just a lot to take in for me. Im excited but extremely nervous at the same time. And if its a hit, I wouldnt count out Scream 5 just yet for obvious reasons..

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    If this was being done by Starz or Showtime, I’d be excited because then it could be as violent as the films. Even if FX did it, it might be cool because they get away with quite a bit of shit with American Horror Story, more than PG-13 films get away with. But MTV? Good God, Teen Mom or The Real World with a slasher thrown in the mix. Fucking Lame. I like My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen, but it’s based on an MTV show, not an R-rated slasher series.

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    I’m a big fan of the film series, but this sounds like a terrible idea. Perhaps if it wasn’t being produced for MTV I would feel differently; all of their scripted series are awful.

  • djblack1313

    MTV has done a couple of really good things. TEEN WOLF is awesome, and i really liked MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16 (trilogy). i’m open to this SCREAM series.

    • Evan3

      @djblack1313 – Sarcasm? I can only assume so. I disagree with many of your comments, but you certainly have enough horror cred to recognize those shows as the absolute trash they are/were.

      • Armandozamaya

        I use to think that Teen Wolf was boring and appealing to the twilight fans but I ended up watching the first season and its actually pretty good. I ended up watching all seasons because it was interesting, and you can’t really say much if you’ve only seen one episode.
        Give it a shot.

  • Baphomitt

    This > Waiting 10 years for Scream 5

    • Evan3


      Your math was a little off…

      Letting the franchise alone > This > Waiting 10 years for Scream 5

  • joesey

    As long as they do it Hannibal/Bates Motel-style it could actually work.

  • Screamz

    Dear God no. Just let this franchise die already. Yes, Scream 4 was better than three, but so is getting punched in the nuts for two hours. Unfortunately, though, I’ll give it a whirl. You never know, someone might actually do something different with it. I just get the feeling it’ll be like CSI or Law & Order, a new killer each week that they must solve.

    And being on MTV? All I’ll say is, Teen Wolf. ‘Nuff said…

    • djblack1313

      OR Screamz, you could just not watch it. people on here are acting like there’s a gun to their head forcing them to watch this.

      • wehoaks

        Took the words right outta my mouth DJ

        • Screamz

          OR they could try and actually do something fresh and original. I think we’ve beat this horse beyond death. Of course, looking at all the “original” content on MTV, maybe making TV shows out of once popular film franchises is a good thing…

  • Zombie-Killa

    I’m just glad they’re not going ahead with a Scream 5. Film series don’t get better with more movies, and it’s not just horror. Star Wars, Jurasic Park III, Beverly Hills Cop III, Pirates Of The Caribbean, National Lampoon’s Vacation,Resident Evil, Death Wish, Big Momma’s House, and the list keeps going on and on. Scream 4 was good “final film” for the Scream franchise. PLEASE, don’t ruin that with a part 5.

    As far as the show goes, I’ll watch if it happens. Like a lot of you, I’m curious to see where the series might go. Yes, MTV scares me, but I’ll give the Scream series a try before shitting all over it.

    • Aaron Emery

      If it stops ‘Scream 5’ from happening than it can’t be all bad! I enjoyed ‘Scream 4’ for the most part, the opening was dumb and the ending was a little overdone but it’s still better than 3.
      At least if the series is bad it’s easier to pretend it didn’t happen!

      • Zombie-Killa

        HA! Yeah, I didn’t like the opening either. The fake-out “no! this is not the real intro!” gag did absolutely nothing for me, but the rest of the movie was awesome. Although, Jill basically kicking her own ass by throwing herself into random objects was too much.

        And yes, we can sweep the series under the rug! But if Scream 5 is as bad as Halloween Resurrection, then it’s kind of hard to forget about it. lol.

        • Aaron Emery

          Unfortunately I can never forget ‘Halloween: Resurrection’ as it’s the one I quote the most.
          “Trick or treat… Mutha fucka” “Yo, Mikey, Happy FUCKIN’ Halloween” “You lookin’ like chicken fried mutha fucka”.
          I could keep going on all night!

          • doomas10

            You are awesome – you actually remember this one liners! The horror, the horror!

          • Zombie-Killa


            Busta Rhymes was dreadful in Resurrection. He wasn’t hilariously bad, he was just bad. And that “fight scene” at the end? Egads, one of the worst I’ve ever seen, and the karate crap didn’t help anything!

          • Aaron Emery

            Zombie-Killa you had me at egads!
            Busta Rhymes (does Bussa Bust spell it that way? I feel like he would misspell that) was atrocious but the writers are the ones that felt that is how people talk! The kung-fu scene was an instant classic in my eyes

  • Marty McFly

    FUCK MTV! How dare they even call themselves “Music Television” when they dont play music! When they do play music once in awhile, its all bullshit garbage shitty rap music. Scream will be ruined if this happens.

  • doomas10

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Scream is my favourite franchise ever. Wes Craven for me is a horror god. Still I am curious for this BUT I would have love to see SCREAM 5 not a series…because if it turns out to be lame, the damage that will do in its reputation will be catastrophic. Still, we could be pleasantly surprised….but I want my Sidney back! and Kirby too!

  • LittleHellion

    Aw man! I hate MTV. I can see it now, a cast packed full of annoying modern teens with stupid relationship problems, then as soon as the body count starts rises (Granted it will be edited for TV) they start panicking in an unrealistic way. And sense it’s going to be a TV show, they will stretch out the life of the teens instead of killing them off quick, like they should. It won’t work as a TV show. But as a fan, i’ll watch it anyways. Hope they don’t make me hate Ghostface now.

  • Julian Nunez

    Eh, ill give it a shot. Teen Wolf on there is pretty decent. I think they can get away with some more violence too if they don’t give it TV-MA (does MTV even have that?) If it sucks i just wont watch it.

  • anthonyd1

    What the fuck! This is the worst news for fans of Scream. Scream is one of my favorite series. UGH. I dont want Scream for MTV. I want fucking Scream 5!

  • lilmarkuk

    haha no the only reason why they are going for a tv show is because scream 4 flopped and not many people want a part 5

  • TwistedCritic

    I’m interested to see how this is received, because I think part of the reason Scream 4 wasn’t as big a hit as expected is that it didn’t bring in much of the younger crowd. Now, they’re obviously counting on a younger crowd. If Craven directs, this might be the first time I turn on MTV in almost 15 years.

  • c-s-a78

    lets just hope it don’t get like,revenge or Dante’s cove!!!lol.

  • horrorking95

    This could be bad. I struggle to see its purpose given that Scream was a postmodern comment on horror FILMS. Will this be a comment on horror TV shows? Hmm… We’ll have to see how it pans out, but I suppose this means the death of Scream 5 🙁 at least it went out on a high!

    • Aaron Emery

      I know how it could work! Dan Harmon joins the team with the entire cast of ‘Community’ and it takes place at Greendale Community College (home of the human beings!).

  • George-Grindcore

    What a crap idea to turn a horror series into a tv show…oh my gawd what’s wrong with the producers these days? 🙁

  • Ebenezer

    Well… this is just fucked. I do like the Scream movies, but this just seems like a bad idea. Four movies is enough, leave Ghostface in the movies and come up with something new for a horror tv show.

  • Evan3

    Yeesh, MTV is starting to rival Michael Bay/Platinum Dunes in dessicating the horror genre. Sad to see Wes Craven participating, and I bet anything they bring in super-hack Ehren Kreuger to write.

  • Milk

    Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy. Let it fucking die already. If they want a horror series on MTV again they should just uncancel Death Valley.. that show was great.

  • Stevie Jess

    Look at it like this: Scream is a horror franchise, made for film, made for the silver screen. Making more films because fans want them to make more films will just make it an annoying franchise, and I loved the first 3 films as a trilogy. As a story. Look at “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Friday the 13th”. Expanding on those were a big mistake, because people were less scared, and they had no suspense. Making a Scream TV show will be 13 times worse.

  • Stevie Jess

    All I’m saying is that Scream is the most highest grossing, successful horror franchise. Turning it into a TV show, and putting it on MTV is an uber huge step backwards. Turning TV shows into a film are a hit and miss, but turning a successful film, or a franchise into a TV show is total doo-doo.

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