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We Have A Winner For The ‘Nazi Zombie Army’ Short Film Contest!

Yes, it has been a long month. Waiting in anticipation as the entries for our Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army contest rolled in, and then waiting for a winner to be picked. But Rebellion has gone through your entries and we have a winner! If you head past the break you can see all of the entries. First you can see the 3 runners up, followed by the winner. Below all that you can see all the rest of the entries. Head past the break and check out the videos!

4th Place

3rd Place
Two Birds

2nd Place
Adolf’s Pandora’s Box

Adolf’s Pandora Box from Vintage.dread on Vimeo.

1st Place and winner of the computer,
Nazi Zombie Claymation

Entries 5-10:

An Undead Future

Zombie Army

Nazi Zombie Craft Animation
You’ll have to click the link for this one.

Zombie Army

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic

Delicious Abortion

Toy Stop Motion

To our first place winner, you will be getting an email from Rebellion to you can receive your prize. And to everyone who entered, you will all be getting free T-Shirts for entering, Rebellion will be emailing you all. Thanks to everyone who entered, to Rebellion, Simon at Johnny Atom, and to everyone who checked out the videos!

Here is a message for everyone straight from Rebellion:

“We were stunned by the time and effort put into the entries, from the beautiful illustration and storytelling in Hitler’s Pandora Box, to the pacing and special effects in Gehirn – but even then Trent Shy’s Nazi Zombie Claymation still managed to blow us away with its grotesque attention to detail and oppressive atmosphere. The icing on the cake was the homage to the X-ray kill camera – no-one in the studio saw that coming!”




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