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[Prediction] ‘Cloverfield 2’ Will NEVER Happen!!

I could be wrong about this (even though I believe the chance to be small), so let’s set up the terms of my potential punishment right away. If Cloverfield 2 ever happens, I will buy the first person to call me out on it a 6-pack of that Slusho stuff, should it actually exist.

Here’s the thing, JJ Abrams has moved on. He’s got Star Trek and effing Star Wars to deal with. Matt Reeves and Drew Goddard continue to find new and interesting projects, ones that expand their body of work, not replictae their past. Some people are clinging to hope in the form of this Abrams quote (via Playboy), “Part of me just wants to let [Cloverfield 2] go, though we’ve had a couple of discussions about cool ways to do it. I’m looking forward to seeing Pacific Rim this summer. It feels like there are some really big monsters coming down the pike that could inspire something we do.

The key here is the first sentence. “Part of me just wants to let it go.” The rest is just polite noise. Cloverfield was the perfect project for these filmmakers at that time. It was new, original and innovative. It was a great one-off that didn’t have a lot of mythology to expand upon. 5, 6, and eventually 10 years later it’s just not necessary. There’s always the chance they could just farm out a sequel to a newer batch of filmmakers, but I get the feeling that they’re not even that interested in shepherding it. Nor should we expect them to be.



  • Jasonicus

    I agree. It’ll never happen, but that’s fine. I’d rather he work on Star Wars.

  • Kroork

    I was talking about this yesterday. I really wanted another movie. The first one was so great and all the places they could go could be really awesome! This news makes
    Me so sad. I don’t watch crap like Star Wars or Star Trek. So I don’t give a crapp about him doing them.

    I want cloverfield 2!!!!!

  • djblack1313

    i’d love (a lot!!) a 2nd movie but i agree that this will never happen.

  • Dan

    Lets hope it will never happen! To hell with all first person movie!

    • Kroork

      Normally I agree, but cloverfield is like one of the only Found footage movies I like

  • dirtyghettok

    [PREDICTION} Another article about “Cloverfield 2” WILL happen. And if for some reason it doesn’t I’ll buy the first person to call me out on it a six pack of there choice,,, which I actually won’t but will constantly tell you I’ll do it next week and mabye we’ll play catch afterwards.

    • Aaron Emery

      eh, I enjoy catch.

  • Octocat

    Cloverfield was really awesome, I really want a sequel…

  • ThunderDragoon

    Well, aren’t you a big ray of sunshine? XD Seriously, though, I think I have to agree with you. So much time has passed by and JJ has too many projects on his hands. Big projects at that. I don’t think he would come back to something “small” like Cloverfield. I would love a sequel, but, just like Jeepers Creepers 3, it’ll probably never happen.

    • Trinity

      Its really pissing me off too with Jeepers Creepers 3. The film has since october 2010 so many trailers on you tube which means the film was done by that time and it was supposed to be in the theatres 2011 and we have now 2013.What the fuck??! I dont udnerstand whats wrong with these guys. They made a film and dont want to show.That is ass stupid

  • Trinity

    I liked the first film a lot even if it bored me the first half hour.It got better and it had a great ending. I hope they do part 2 and I hope they continue the story to part 1 what happened to the couple at the ending of part 1 and what the monsters were doing with the world,If it was the end of the world. I think there is a lot of stuff to talk about ,many ideas for a nice film

  • spartan87

    I still don’t understand everyone’s passion for Jeepers Creepers. The monster was unique…kind of. But it was never scary, in the first or 2nd film. I guess I just don’t understand.

    • Trinity

      Jup.You just don`t understand. Jeepers Creepers has a lot of fans and they want part 3 to finish the trilogy. Victor Salva is a fucking child raper and pur scum,but it does not chnage anything about how awesome the two movies are. You might dont understand why but the movies were diferrent and had good gore.


    oh it’ll happen… just not anytime soon. personally, i’m good with the first film being the only film. no real need for a second one

  • Canucklehead

    Sequels add little value so this is a good thing


    I don’t think that last part was “polite noise.” I wondered how Abrams would expand on Cloverfield to make it even bigger, and rumors began about part 2 showing how several of these creatures crawled out of the ocean and wreaked havoc on cities around the world. Why waste $200 MIL on making a film about battling giant sea monsters, when the scale will still be smaller than Del Toro’s Pacific Rim? The hype over PacRim is too intense to compete.
    I loved Cloverfield, but I can see why he would throw in the towel.

  • horrorking95

    It’s a shame that it might not because to me it felt like it had a lot more to offer than it did. However, I wouldn’t say that it’ll NEVER happen because it just might. I mean, we’re getting a sequel to Top Gun and possibly Trainspotting. Films that were made yonks ago!

  • Evil_Flip

    Sometimes it’s better to want a sequel then to get one.

  • Zombie-Killa

    I would love a sequel, because I really enjoyed Cloverfield, but I can’t see it happening. Abrams is busy with Star Trek and Star Wars, and he needs to focus on Star Wars, so we don’t get something as bad as Episode II again.

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