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This First Developer Diary For ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ Shows Us Deep Horror Roots

A big issue a lot of gamers have with the most recent Resident Evil games is that Capcom is pulling further and further out of the horror genre. Resident Evil: Revelations is the exception. When creating the game developers wanted to recreate some of the feelings and fears players got from earlier games in the series. But one has to wonder if such a thing could ever be the same again. Sure you can add more scares and less action, but you can’t take away the crystal clear graphics and updated game play. Or could you? Head past the break to see the 1st developer diary “Heritage and Horror” for Resident Evil: Revelations. May 21st on the PC, Playstation 3, WiiU, and Xbox 360. Also keep an eye out for the games demo which you can find soon in all the platforms online shops.



  • sascha henschel

    Why not creating a Resident Evil like the first one for PS1 with the Gameplay of the 4th?
    I mean the setting must be a big haunted mansion, like the title already implied.
    We need classic Zombies, limited ammo, atmosphere, traps, riddles, jump scares and of course a hard difficult. Anyone remember the remakes for the Game Cube? That was the right direction..

  • TheDeadman19

    Sounds great and all, but a lot of games sounds awesome on paper or when people talk about it. Hopefully they can keep what they promised.
    I’m looking forward to the demo.

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