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Climax Reveals The Myriad Ways ‘Shattered Memories’ Messed With Us

Climax Studios, the developer behind Silent Hill Origins, Shattered Memories, and possibly another horror game has taken to Facebook to reveal the many techniques Shattered Memories employed to get inside the player’s head. Apparently, the psychological tests were only the tip of the iceberg — on top of that, it monitored every decision we made, route we chose, how long it took for us to solve a puzzle, etc. and used that data to try and mess with us. It’s actually really impressive. Learn all about it after the break.

Want more Silent Hill? Why don’t you check out our rundown of the entire series here, where Shattered Memories placed smack dab in the middle. Honestly, had I known how much went into the psychological profiling aspect in this game, I may have nudge this one up a spot. Maybe.

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