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The 5 Best ‘Resident Evil’ Games!

Released in 1996, the original Resident Evil is the one we owe this fantastic series to. It was terrifying, had an abundance of clever puzzles (and deliciously cheesy dialogue) and oozed atmosphere. It was the first chapter in what would quickly become the most successful horror game franchise of all time, its runaway success took survival horror mainstream and even inspired the creation of another horror series, Silent Hill.

This bit was tough. When I started working on this list I knew this and Resident Evil 4 most deserved the top two spots, but deciding which would go where was a difficult choice, and some savvy readers may remember us going through this already. Resident Evil 2 managed the impossible. Like a good sequel, this game improved upon the original in nearly every way. It proved the first game was no fluke, and the introduction of different scenarios, or versions, of Leon and Claire’s campaigns essentially meant there were four campaigns.

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