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The 5 Best ‘Resident Evil’ Games!

It also had that extremely freaky trip to the Raccoon City Police Department. That’s still one of my favorite levels in any horror game.

I’ve championed Resident Evil 4 enough to annoy some people, including a few of my friends who are Resident Evil purists — i.e. the fans who prefer the original games over the series’ recent entries. Even if you hated the latest games, there’s no arguing the affect this game had, not just on the series, but on the industry.

It was a brilliantly designed horror game that managed to find a balance between action and horror. The latter third of the game may have strayed a little too far into the former, but when it was scary, it was scary. Between the chainsaw-wielding Ganados, Regenerators, creepy chanting cultists, those dogs whose heads exploded into whip-like tendrils, etc., Resident Evil 4’s arsenal of enemies is still the best of the series. Visually, it stands up today, even if it shows some definite age.

And what about that final boss fight? That was amazing.

This is it, you’ve made it to the end. Historically, this is where you’d start to prepare your argument against all of the above. I would love to read your personal lists!

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