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‘Odd Thomas’ Sales Trailer Slices and Dices

Directed by CGI demon Stephen Sommers (The Mummy, Van Helsing, G.I. Joe), and adapted from the Dean Koontz novella, we now have the leaked Cannes sales trailer for Odd Thomas, the troubled production starring Anton Yelchin, Addison Timlin, Willem Dafoe, Nico Tortorella, Patton Oswalt and Gugu Mbatha-Raw that’s been struggling to get released.

The story centers on a short-order cook named Odd Thomas (played by Anton Yelchin) who can commune with the dead, a secret only his girlfriend (Addison Timlin) and the local police (Willem Dafoe) chief know. The young man can also spot malevolent forces called bodachs, who feed on pain and portent imminent death. When Odd sees them in spades surrounding a stranger, he finds himself in a race against time to avert a catastrophe.

Thanks to Bloody regular ‘Blood-Sicles‘ for the heads up!



  • weresmurf

    That looks…..FANFUCKINGTASTIC!!!!!!

  • Nasher

    Not Koontz best work by a huge margin but one he’s written a the most on and this looks like a hugely fun use of the characters.

    Only stupid thing about the trailer is the whistling spatulas at the start.. why do trailers have to include stupid, out of place/jarring sound effects, it’s like you can’t udnerstand somethings is moving fast by seeing it.. it has to carve the air till it sings.

  • doomas10

    Did they just post “from the acclaimed director of the mummy and the mummy returns”? Do not get me wrong – The mummy is one of my favourite films of all time due to the combination of scares, jaw dropping effects and humour. But the sequel was so meh and overloaded with CGI, a method that Sommers overused in Van Helsing and G.I.Joe that makes me wonder if he is going to follow that approach again with this one. And for the record, jungle book and deep rising are vastly underrated

  • QuincyMonkey

    That looks pretty damn good, actually! I really liked Yelchin in the Fright Night remake, and this looks like a continuation of that vibe. Sommers movies are really fun popcorn movies for the most part… and I agree, Deep Rising is vastly underrated… (hated the Mummy sequel though… took all the best bits from the first one and squatted over them)

  • grayghost

    Oh YES!!!!!!!!! Ive been waiting SO long to see something about this film! Yea CGI blah blah. Dean loved the movie which says alot because he hates any attempt at bring one of these books to the big screen.
    I don’t understand why they don’t make movies of his novels ‘Lightning’ would make an amazing film…great time travel story so original.

  • djblack1313

    i’m in. this looks awesome!

  • Aaron Emery

    “Shopping mall, mid-afternoon: enter Scorpion King”
    Looks like a television mini-series to me.

  • flesheater24

    Fucking sign me up. ๐Ÿ™‚ and I know the CGI will be better since this is just a blueprint trailer ๐Ÿ™‚

  • DethHand

    Ummmm… I’ll support Willem Dafoe.

  • viking1983

    cant wait to see this, love a bit of koontz

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