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‘Ginger Snaps’ Hottie Toplines Filmax’s Home Invasion ‘Torment’!

This Friday, Barcelona production-distribution-sales house Filmax International announced that Robin Dunne (below), star of SyFy’s “Sanctuary” and genre habitue Katharine Isabelle (Freddy vs Jason, American Mary, Ginger Snaps; pictured above), will topline Torment, directed by Jordan Barker (The Marsh, Duress), Variety reports.

In the slasher, “Cory Morgan, his wife and their 3 year old daughter Emily decide to spend a quiet family holiday alone. When Sarah starts seeing strange things around the house, it soon becomes clear that they have some unwanted guests… Now the family are forced to fight for their lives in what has become a festival of terror of epic proportions.

Produced by Canada’s Gearshift Films in association with Parachute, and sold abroad by Filmax Intl., the home invasion slasher went into production May 1. Filmax distributes in Spain.



  • djblack1313

    Katharine Isabelle? i’m in. i adore her.

    • Dr_Loomis

      We get it…you love/adore just about every actress.

  • Kroork

    Love Katharine Isabelle ! Could be good 😀

  • eagleye25

    Hottie or no hottie, I want more. home. invasion. period. So this is good news. Btw, Katharine Isabelle is a hottie.

  • dr.lamb

    Am I the only one who read “Ginger Snaps Hottie Topless”?

    • djblack1313

      dr.lamb!!! LOL!!! i totally read it the way you did! LOL.

      • dr.lamb

        Two dirty minded guys, I guess 😉

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