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AIP Remaking ‘Girls In Prison,’ ‘She Creature’ And ‘Brain Eaters’

Jeff Katz, Lou Arkoff, and Hal Sadoff plan to remake 10 titles in the Arkoff/Nicholson library of American International Pictures-produced 1950’s classics, reports Deadline.

They will start with these 1950’s drive-in classics: Girls In Prison, Viking Women & The Sea Serpent, The Brain Eaters, She-Creature, Teenage Caveman, Runaway Daughters, The Undead, War of The Colossal Beast, Cool & The Crazy and Day The World Ended. The plan is to shoot them all back to back, beginning this fall.

AIP was founded in 1954 by Samuel Z. Arkoff and James H. Nicholson, and churned out 500 low-budget, indies for teens that included the Beach Party series with Frankie Avalon and the late Annette Funicello, as well as the early films of director Roger Corman. In 1979 AIP merged with Filmways which later was folded into Orion Pictures. Currently, the rest of the library is owned by MGM, Orion’s successor. Arkoff, son of Samuel, had previously produced remakes of AIP titles for Showtime’s Rebel Highway series in the 1990′s.

Katz is a writer/producer and former studio executive who has worked on such films as Shoot ‘Em Up, Freddy Vs. Jason, Wolverine and Snakes On A Plane and has written comic books for DC Comics, Top Cow and Dynamite.



  • eagleye25

    To me, this is great, great news.

  • JoeR

    Was it the Showtime Rebel Highway series remakes that produced the Teenage Caveman remake directed by Larry Clark? I’ll be interested in seeing what kind of directors and cast they assemble for these.

  • j.c

    JoeR, that was HBO. They did , I beleive, 5, remakes and ran them on HBO during October under the banner creature features. The ones that I know of were She-creature, Earth VS. the Spider, Teenage Caveman, The Day the World Ended and How to Make a Monster. I feel like Im forgetting a couple. I recorded them all onto VHS of HBO back in the day. I would like to know how this new slate is being released. Are they being made for cable, theatrical release(doubtful) or direct to video. Cant wait to check em out.

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