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[OMFG!] ‘The Price of Success’ Trailer Will Kick Your Teeth Out!

While not as cool as The Raid, Badass Digest’s Evan Saathoff (also a Bloody contributor) caught wind of a mind-blowing trailer that’ll have you screaming for its release. It’s not horror, but I don’t care, it looks flippin’ awesome.

From Z Team Films comes The Price of Success directed by Fabien Garcia, starring Fabien Garcia, Laurent ‘Lohan’ Buson, Didier Buson, Jess Allen, Dave Vescio, Adelyne Liu, Xin Sarith Wuku, Jose Rosete, Gray Michael Sallies, Davis Chong, Michael Antonio Griffith Jr. and Aoni Ma.

The martial arts film ties in the found-footage subgenre with the stars fighting to survive a living horror movie. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Not to mention, the action looks as incredible as in Ong-bak, only crazy 1980’s-esque cheesy.

Here’s the synopsis off the film’s official website: “When a team of Shaolin-trained kung fu actors is about to get their break in Hollywood, a mysterious and sadistic Director forces them to run a gauntlet through Los Angeles. The Director films their every move as they prove their prowess by provoking a rogues’ gallery of underworld thugs and martial artists.




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