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Review: ‘Chin Music’ #1

Noir meets supernatural head on in Chin Music #1. This mash-up is becoming more and more popular in comics as creators really try to make something new out of things old and older. Top notch creators Steve Niles and Tony Harris team-up to unleash this new genre blending series from Image Comics. Is it worth investigating? Read on and discover the mysteries within…

WRITTEN BY: Steve Niles
ART BY: Tony Harris
PUBLISHER: Image Comics
PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE: 8 May 2013

The first seven pages of this issue have no dialogue and only one man portrayed. That sounds dull but in writer Steve Niles and artist Tony Harris’ capable hands, it’s beautifully dark, detailed and inexplicably captivating. I may be biased a little as I’ve been a big fan of Harris’ work since his breakout legendary series “Starman” (join the club, I know). That was the name that caught my eye with this new series. I’ve only read the first collection of “30 Days of Night” from Steve Niles’ vast catalogue, but his storytelling shines through in this first chapter. Okay, enough gushing over these super-talented guys – onto the story!

From the grimy private eye’s office to the streets and skies of Egypt we go. A chase ensues between mystically powered folks ending with a giant sphinx losing a nose. Ouch. That’s got to hurt. It gets pretty gruesome pretty fast and the loser of this battle seems to be able to carry on minus his skin. One crawl through the desert later, our boney protagonist bumps into history’s most famous treasury agent, Elliot Ness. Did I not mention this was a mash-up? Throw in Scarface for good measure and I have no idea where this story is going next and I love it.

One issue, and I am completely hooked. I really am uncertain as to who or what it will ultimately be about. As long as these all-star creators continue to take sharp story turns and pumps out more gorgeously black and red soaked art, I’ll be back for more.

4.5 / 5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Your Friendly Neighborhood Brady



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