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Hold On To Your Teeth In This Trailer For ‘The Haunting Of Helena’!!!

Formerly Fairytale, Bloody Disgusting Selects is gearing up to unleash The Haunting of Helena! Based on the tooth fairy lore, it will be released in select theaters on June 21, 2013. It will also be available on Cable VOD in partnership with Tribeca Films and for digital streaming on June 18, 2013. Additional local cable VOD information is available via Tribeca Film On Demand here. I haven’t seen the film, but I dig this trailer that looks like it has more to offer than the typical slow-burn.

A tale of a mysterious woman, a little girl, and her single mother, ‘The Haunting of Helena’ presents a new twist on the legend of the Tooth Fairy.

Head inside for the trailer, poster and extended synopsis!

This Italian horror flick is a slow-burn thriller that begins, “After a divorce, Sophia moves to the south of Italy with her daughter, Helena. Their new home, an apartment within an austere building of the fascist age, is a chance for them to start a new life. But inside an old storage room hides a mysterious closet and a buried secret. After the loss of Helena’s first baby tooth, a chilling obsession begins and an apparition haunts her sleep. Dreams become nightmares. Nightmares become reality. When Helena collects her classmate’s fallen teeth with an urgent hunger, it is clear that there is far more to their new home than can be seen. Sophia finds herself in a terrifying fight to save her child while maintaining her sanity. The Haunting of Helena will keep you at the edge of your seat as it slides in agony along the sharp blade of psychological terror.



  • Aaron Emery

    Looks good! The poster is pretty nice too

  • doomas10

    that looks awesome! and the poster seems pretty creepy. I like that they didn’t show at the trailer the tooth fairy or whatever that criatura is 😀 Excited

  • flesheater24

    this looks pretty cool netflix it

  • sadiesaidhorror

    This poster is reminiscent of the days when my grandmother would chase me around the house without her dentures on. Physical damage-zero, Mental damage- priceless.

  • DarrelDreadful

    The teeth falling through the ceiling was awesome. This looks very nicely shot and very creepy. Im all for slow burn horror, especially when the trailer doesn’t give the entire movie away.

  • Evan3

    Oh give me a break. Why do people find the tooth fairy to be a fertile ground for horror? Darkness Falls is easily one of the worst films I have ever seen, and that one produced by Guillermo del Toro was terrible too. Blech to this.

  • DethHand

    Wow! This looks absolutely BORING! Come on, I’ve seen this movie a thousands times over. Next please.

  • frankstark

    that movie looks interesting considering the idea of teeth being pulled out just disturbs me, i read and article about a man who went to the dentist to get a painful tooth removed and then ended up getting all of his teeth pulled out without permission.

  • Ravinus

    As long as they take it easy on the cheap CGI, it may be okay for cheap viewing.

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