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Uwe Boll Brings the Unnecessary ‘Seed 2: The New Breed’

Uwe Boll’s Seed is a pathetic, mean-spirited horror movie that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. Somehow, some way, Boll is bringing us a sequel.

There are no plot details available for Seed 2: The New Breed, but we learned the film will star Caroline Williams, Christa Campbell, Nick Prinzipè, Jared Demetri Luciano, Manoush, Natalie Scheetz, Annika Strauss and Sarah Hayden.

In the first film from 2007, “After a seemingly undead man is bound and buried alive, he digs himself back to the surface and seeks bloody vengeance on those who caused him his suffering.

Here’s the Cannes sales art.



  • frankstark

    well the first one did leave itself open for a sequel and yes i was one of the unfortunate souls that did see the movie and it was out of curiosity, and i have to say that the movie was boring as crap. i can understand their are horror movies that do the slow burn to develop tension but their is that and their is oh just get on with it its taken for ever to end the movie and i was just so bored with the movie that i just skipped to the end. and the gore not counting the cgi hammer scene just sucked, oh ya and the use of the footage of the screaming doge oh that really pissed me off so much i wanted to find uwe boll and just kick him in the nuts as to why in the hell did you add that in the movie i have pets at home and i really did not need to see that. this movie should of just ended with seed getting killed and no sequel baiting for it. yes this was a rant.

  • Jasonicus

    Seed was a disgusting piece of work. From the real footage of dogs being skinned to the baby being killed, ugh, Uwe Boll can go fuck himself.

    • frankstark

      i know right, i could not handle that footage of the dogs being skinned and i am a dog lover and really hate seeing that.

    • Lord-Alaster

      The baby part is what ruined the movie for me. The violence didn’t have a reason for it at all. I mean sure the guy is po’ed because he can’t die and was buried, but what do you think is going to happen when you’re a murderer.

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