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It’s Decided, ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ Has The Best Unlockable Costumes

Capcom really hat outdone themselves with the unlockable costumes in Resident Evil: Revelations. Jill and Keith look deliciously cheesy, but Chris’s costume is particularly unforgettable. I really hope Capcom releases a batch of Chris pin-up posters, because this is just too good.

I’d say more, but I’d rather you checked them out for yourself. I wouldn’t want to say too much.

Amazing, right? They’re in the wheelhouse of past Resident Evil games — anyone remember Chris’s “Heavy Metal” costume that definitely looked like a cross between a Road Warriors costume and something you’d discretely buy at a sex toy shop? … not that I would know, of course. Let’s keep this professional, people.

Resident Evil: Revelations launches on the the PS3, PC, Wii U and Xbox 360 on May 21st.

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