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[Poll] What’s Your Favorite Megadeth Album? (Part 9)

With the elimination of 1994’s Youthanasia we’ve now entered the Top 5 Megadeth albums in our Bloody-Disgusting reader’s choice Best Megadeth Album! These are the classic five albums that you have decided are essential for any metal fan. But we’re still not done! We’ve got to narrow down the list to the ultimate Megadeth album! Will it be Rust In Peace? Could it be Endgame? Or how about the other three choices? We’ll never know unless you get down there and make your voices heard!

Megaeth will be releasing their new album Super Collider on June 4th.


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  • KaKiHaRa138

    SO peace sells wins every time, whats the point of doing this over and over again. Did I miss something?

    • JonathanBarkan

      Peace Sells doesn’t win every time. The album with the most votes actually changes fairly frequently. It’s gonna be interesting in these last few picks.

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