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Captain American To Battle ‘The Ten O’Clock People’!

Captain America‘s Chris Evans is now circling the Stephen King adaptation The Ten O’Clock People, which once had Justin Long attached before scheduling conflicts got in the way, reports Deadline.

Tom Holland (Fright Night) is still attached to adapt and direct the modernized take on the short story from King’s “Nightmares and Dreamscapes” “about a man who tries to quit smoking with the help of a new drug only to discover a frightening aspect of reality as he kicks nicotine.

The pic is aiming for a fall shoot in Atlanta and will mark Holland’s third King adaptation after The Langoliers and Thinner.

Chris Evans



  • WalkingDeadGuy

    Stephen King and Chris Evans? I’m in…Chris Evans is one sexy man; I’ll watch any horror movie he’s in 🙂

    • Michael_M

      I’m in complete agreement WalkingDeadGuy. But that is probably the worst photograph of Evans I’ve ever seen. If it’s necessary to remind viewers who he is, then at least post a picture of him shirtless. That face and body are a killer combination. Glad that he’s getting so much attention these days.

  • dirtyghettok

    Damn, I’m retarded. Read the title to this wrong. For a sec I thought to myself, “Oh shit, the new Captain America’s gonna have a sick Stephen King subplot to it?” Then I read the rest of this and now back to why must they make an outdated super hero movie..

  • Darkness69

    I love Langoliers and this combination sounds amazing! Damn, it’s a good day to be a Stephen King fan!

  • TravisBickelsMohawk

    I love Chris and I’m glad to see him take on more edgier roles. He was so friggin’ awesome in The Iceman.

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