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Kid Rock Just Keeps Becoming More And More Awesome



While I don’t enjoy listening to Kid Rock‘s music at all, I have to admit that the guy is becoming more and more of a badass with each act. There was the situation where he slammed Ticketmaster fees and ensured that there wouldn’t be huge charges added to ticket costs. He also dropped prices on his tour t-shirts to very reasonable prices. Oh, then there was the deal where he brought beer prices at concerts WAY down (by something like 50%).

Now, Kid Rock (real name Bob Ritchie) at the Billboard Award 2013 ceremony slipped in a stinging comment on musical performances by saying, “Let’s give it up for people lip-synching under pre-recorded music.” While some are speculating that it might’ve been a direct insult against Chris Brown (which is always a welcome thing), I’m going to have to assume that Rock was levying this insult at pretty much anyone who is guilty of lip-synching. The fact that he did this on live TV is pretty awesome and just makes me like the guy all the more. I feel like he and I would have a fun chat over some beer.

Head on below to see video of Rock’s comment.

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