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[Poll] What’s Your Favorite Megadeth Album: Rust In Peace VS. Countdown To Extinction

After yesterday’s voting results came in and determined that 1986’s Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying? was eliminated, the ultimate vote to determine the Bloody-Disgusting reader’s choice Best Megadeth Album is here! You readers have narrowed thirteen of the band’s albums down to two choices: 1990’s Rust In Peace and 1992’s Countdown To Extinction. Now, it’s up to you to decide which album reigns supreme as the ultimate album, the one that every metalhead should proudly display on their shelf. Head on below to cast your choice!

Megadeth will be releasing their new album Super Collider on June 4th.


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  • STRIK9

    “Countdown” was this band’s peak. The riffs, production, mix, and everything about it are incredible. Mustaine was just so venomous back then. This band as of today now blow goats and write radio shit singles. That single they just put out is embarrassing.

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