Victor Crowley Engulfed In Flames On Official ‘Hatchet III’ Poster

  • Milk

    He’s such a pretty boy

  • djblack1313


  • Aaron Emery

    Looks cheap.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Don’t care for the poster, but I’m really excited to see this.

  • joe666

    They’re trying waaay to hard to make it like the next cult boogeyman a la Freddy, Micheal and Jason. Problem: this franchise suck. The first one was… well… ok. Nothing more. The second one was lame as fuck and they even managed to make Danielle Harris look bad for once in my lifetime (and she played in some really bad shit, but always looked cool on these shit). Victor Crowley look cheap and doesn’t have 1/1000 of the charisma of the previously quoted boogeyman. In the last decades, the only two monsters who showed reaaal potential was Jeepers Creepers and Leslie Vernon. Fuck yeah Leslie Vernon. I mean, a second Behind the mask, now that would be cool!!!

    • divisionbell

      I’m surprised they having been trying this hard. The first was amusing but awful. The second was pure garbage and this just looks incredibly cheap and stupid. They need to let this one go.

  • JasonVoorhees1981

    The Hatchet series is the best! I can’t wait to see Hatchet 3. I loved the 1st and the 2nd. Bring on the 3rd!

    Screw off to the haters!

    • djblack1313

      poor JasonVoorhees1981.

    • joe666

      Everytime I read “haters” in a comment, I know that I’ve got a little 13yo shit behind his computer. Or a grown up with a 13yo brain.

  • JasonVoorhees1981

    I am 2 years old thank you. :)