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The Bloody-Disgusting Reader’s Choice ‘Best Megadeth Album’ Has Been Chosen!

The Bloody-Disgusting reader’s choice for Best Megadeth Album has been chosen! After 12 days and thousands of votes cast, a winner has emerged. We whittled down an album each day until we came to the ultimate face-off: 1990′s Rust In Peace and 1992′s Countdown To Extinction. Both albums have been lauded by fans and critics alike as classics, not only of the band but also of the metal genre as a whole. But which album emerged as the winner for all of you? Head on below to find out!

Megadeth will release their new album Super Collider on June 4th.

1990’s Rust In Peace has emerged the triumphant winner and is hailed as the Bloody-Disgusting reader’s choice Best Megadeth Album! The album stands as the ultimate testament to the band’s legacy. With scorching tracks such as “Hangar 18” and “Take No Prisoners” (my personal favorite), Rust In Peace will forever withstand the test of time and reign as one of the greatest metal albums ever released.

Here is the breakdown on which album was eliminated on which day:
Day 1: The System Has Failed
Day 2: The World Needs A Hero
Day 3: United Abominations
Day 4: Cryptic Warnings
Day 5: Risk
Day 6: Thirteen
Day 7: So Far, So Good… So What!
Day 8: Youthanasia
Day 9: Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good!
Day 10: Endgame
Day 11: Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?
Day 12: Countdown To Extinction

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  • huntermc

    No surprise here, although I still prefer Peace Sells.

  • Joe-Banger

    Killing is my buisness and business is good was probably their best record.

  • rgold

    Rust In Peace is really the only one I can still listen to. Not only has Mustaine made it extremely difficult to remain a fan of his band but he tainted his past work.I really feel bad for the poor guys in his band. They are talented as hell and its shame they have to suffer at the hands of a bigot, homophobic, born again prick..

  • sweetooth

    I can’t believe Endgame lasted longer than Killing is My Business and So Far So Good.

    Megadeth hasn’t put anything out that has been terribly impressive since Dave started wasting his time praying to Jesus instead of banging speed balls into his veins and shredding for Satan.

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