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Marco Beltrami Used WHAT For The World War Z Score???



World War Z was a book that I bought because people kept talking about it, much like The Da Vinci Code. However, whereas the latter was a steaming pile of junk, World War Z was an expertly crafted and brilliantly written book that I will happily reread over and over.

Coming to the soon-to-be-relased film (which comes out June 21st), I want to talk about something I just learned that is pretty odd, to say the least. Turns out composer Marco Beltrami based the melodies and harmonies off of the U.S. Emergency Broadcast siren.

Oh, that’s right, that’s not weird. What is weird is that he also used animal teeth being mashed together during the composition. I’ve heard of some strange percussive instruments, but actual skulls and teeth? That’s definitely adding a macabre twist to the sonic landscape.

Beltrami comments, “The sound of the skull became the basis for the percussion in the score…it added a new intensity.

Beltrami also worked on the score for two years, collaborating with director Marc Forester as the film was being shot. The score will be released June 18th via Warner Bros. Records. Head on below for the trailer.

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