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[Saturday Morning Cartoons] “The Real Ghostbusters” Battle the Boogieman, Twice!

You’re going to need to start immediately if you want to kick off your Memorial Day weekend the right way.

First, hit the store this a.m. and start out by making yourself Ecto-Cooler, while also stocking up on Marshmallows, and maybe even a box of Lucky Charms (in memory of the old-school “Ghostbusters” cereal).

Pour yourself a drink, stuff a mallow in your mouth and let your milk get all sugary to one of the best ever episodes of “The Real Ghostbusters.”

We present you with “The Boogieman Cometh,” the sixth episode from the show’s 1986 inaugural season that premiered on October 18.

Easily the best, and scariest episode of the long running animated series, “two children turn up at the Firehouse claiming that the Boogieman is living in their closet, leading the skeptical Ghostbusters on a mission to bedroom closets throughout New York, and finally into the twisted world of the Boogieman himself!

As an added bonus, we have also embedded “The Bogeyman Is Back,” an episode sequel featuring the return of the Boogieman. In “The Bogeyman Is Back,” “after a near death experience atop the World Trade Center towers, Egon’s fears inadvertently releases the Boogieman from his dimensional prison. The Ghostbusters follow him to a hideously converted amusement park, where he traps them with their own fear, leaving Slimer and the Junior Ghostbusters to save the day.” It aired in the show’s third season on October 3, 1987.

Small fact: While in the Boogieman’s realm, Ray mentions using the Proton Streams may be more dangerous than crossing the streams.



  • GerryButton

    As a kid, the Boogieman Cometh, was my favorite episode, coming in VERY close second was When Halloween Was Forever.

    This character was amazing, and truly terrifying to many children. Being exposed to Horror at a VERY young age (thanks mom) I loved it.

    • HorrorFromDownUnder

      God damn I remember that episode. It was scary as hell but I did’nt know he was in a 2nd episode!

  • doomas10

    a) When I watched as a kid that episode I was shitting bricks.

    b) Why the seasons of this awesome cartoon are not available here in the UK? We only got season one!

    c) The whole series were freaking amazing!

    d) and I am the only one that thought that Ghostbusters was actually funny and in certain episodes scary as fuck! – see “knock, knock”

    • weresmurf

      Agreed! As an 8 year old when it first aired, I absolutely SHAT myself when it came to bed time lol. For months I kept thinking I saw the Boogeyman hahaha.

  • STRIK9

    Damn, I thought I was the ONLY muthafucka that was creeped out by that character as a kid. That fucked up voice haunted me for years! Too cool.

    • weresmurf

      Hence why TRGB will always stand as one of the best cartoons ever made 🙂

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