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[Boredom Bytes] The Goriest Claymation Video You Will Ever See

It sure is a slow Saturday. Or, it is relative to the insanity that was last week with the hot mess that was the Xbox One reveal. Let’s forget about all that, at least until Microsoft clears things up a bit at E3 next month. Today, I have a few videos that I’m going to go ahead and call amazing. In case my word isn’t enough to motivate you to click that Read More link, one of the videos features a clay Leon Kennedy going balls-to-the-wall crazy during a drug bust. Enjoy.

First up, the goriest claymation video you’ll probably ever see.

If you haven’t beaten BioShock Infinite yet, you really should get on that. Even still, there are no spoilers in this mockumentary that follows Booker DeWitt after the events in the game.

In this next video, Magikarp goes full stalker on a poor Pokemon trainer who refuses to drop 500 bucks on him. You know why she didn’t want to spend her hard-earned Pokemoney on you, you weirdo? How about because you’re a STUPID FISH WHO ONLY KNOWS SPLASH. Come back to me when you’re a Gyarados and you have Hyper Beam.

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