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[Modern Art] These Twist-Tie Figures Are Incredible

When I was young and my parents took me to the supermarket, I’d always immediately head for the fruit and veggies section so I could steal all the twist-ties I could safely tuck into my pockets. I’d then take them back home so I could create little people and have them fight to the death. Seriously. I’d have the little twist-tie men duke it out. The winner would live to fight another day, and the loser would be skinned alive — which I’d accomplish by peeling the green plastic off the wire. Now, I do this with people.

Joking! Anyway, there’s this guy, let’s call him Jake. Jake makes incredible figures out of twist-ties. I don’t know if he pits them against each other, but what I do know is every one of them puts my warriors to shame. Check them out after the break.

For more of Jake’s work, check out his gallery.

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