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‘Video Games: The Movie’ Aims To Put The Industry In A Better Light

A decent amount of things we see in the media about video games turn out to be negative. A lot of blame is but on video games for violence in our society. Video Games: The Movie however, takes a positive spin on the multi billion dollar industry. They are looking to Kickstarter to help them finish their project. The documentary is 95% done, and they’ve interviewed some big names surrounding the industry. They have already reached their $60,000 Kickstarter goal, but like a lot of campaigns they have some stretch goals they still need help hitting. Check out their video past the break!



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  • ThunderDragoon

    I hope this gets all the money it needs to add the finishing touches because people really need to see this. Video games are getting attacked a lot lately, and this film will make people understand that they’re not damaging.

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