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[TV] Next On “Hannibal” Promo For Episode 1.11 “Roti”

NBC has decided to continue on with Bryan Fuller’s “Hannibal,” which means I have 4 episodes to binge on over the weekend. For those of you keeping up, it not only means you have “faith,” which I do not, but it also means you’ll enjoy this preview from next week’s episode.

In 1.11 “Rôti”, airing next Thursday night, “Dr. Gideon escapes and sets out to murder the psychiatrists who profiled him. Meanwhile, Hannibal misleads the team in a scheme to bring Will and Gideon together; and Dr. Chilton is questioned in the wake of Gideon’s flight.



  • Kenzo

    This will be interesting. I wonder if Alana or even Dr. Gideon will survive this, now that Hannibal is involved.

  • Darkness69

    I’m still celebrating the renewal! What a great show!

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