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Adam Green Teases ‘Hatchet’ Super-Cut With All Three Films Combined Into One Movie

BJ McDonnell’s Hatchet III hits limited theaters June 14 from MPI/Dark Sky Films. After yesterday’s clip it’s apparent that the beginning of this new film flows directly from the ending of the last, just the same as Hatchet 2 picked up right after the original Hatchet.

So it makes sense that writer/producer Adam Green would eventually want to cut all three films together, Godfather style, with extra and uncut scenes. And, according to Under The Gun, that’s what he’s planning on doing. “ Green told the packed theater he plans to one day release the complete Hatchet trilogy as one single, epic feature film. He added the new cut would also include new sequences which were left out of the previous films, including at least one additional death scene intended for the original.

The report goes on to mention that this might not happend for some time due to Green’s various projects and the fact that Anchor Bay owns the first film and Dark Sky owns the other two.



  • Mater-Suspiriorum

    Doesn’t it bothers Adam Green that the main character (Marybeth) wasn’t played by the same actress in all the movies?

    • Aaron Emery

      They can use CGI to overlap the faces, George Lucas style. Fuck.

      • EvanDickson

        Not for a whole movie – but it would be hilarious if she did like a T2 style morph between parts 1 and 2

        • Aaron Emery


  • Aaron Emery

    No, thank you.

  • ThunderDragoon

    That sounds awesome. Count me in.

  • HMH

    I went to the benefit screening/world premiere of Hatchet III last night and Adam Green talked about the super cut of all three films. Apparently during the casting of Hatchet 1 it was down to Danielle Harris and the actress who played Mary Beth in the film. The only reason Danielle didn’t get the part was that the film was already chock full of cameos/horror veterans so they went with an unknown.

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