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Joe Hill And Gabriel Rodriguez Rumoured To Take Over A Big 2 Character

According to redditor Dave_Vai, “Lock & Key” partners Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez will be taking over an established character for either Marvel or DC this year. While nothing has been announced officially, the redditor says he had the opportunity to speak with Hill in Scotland yesterday. Dave_Vai asked Hill what his plans were and the writer mentioned that him and Rodriguez would be working on a big 2 character, but was not at liberty to say which one. Hill did however say, they will “either have superpowers or are well trained and have gadgits”. Do you have any thoughts/hopes for which character the Hill/Rodriguez team will be taking over?

From Reddit:

As the title states Locke & Key’s Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez are to take over on an established charactor for one of the Big 2 this year.

I have not seen anything online about this and cannot see anything on any of the major comic book gossip sites. However, Joe Hill was in Scotland yesterday for promo work for his new book and told me this himself.

I asked if he and Rodriguez would be working together on anything else after Locke and Key comes to a head this year, he told me they were going to be working together for one fo the big 2 on an established charactor but really couldn’t say which of the big two and wouldn’t say anymore than they “either have superpowers or are well trained and have gadgits” (so not narrowing things down too much then.) What he would say is while he himself will not be at Comic-Con he believes it may be announced then (so we still have a bit of a wait).

I love Locke and Key and have really enjoyed all of Joe Hill’s prose works, so I am very excited about this. I think and hope this may be the first place this has been posted, what does everyone think, what would you like to see them team up on?




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