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[Modern Art] Enjoy Some Nightmarish ‘Pokemon’ Fan Art



If “The Fly” taught us anything it’s that Star Trek is full of lies because teleportation isn’t all swirly lights and cool poses, it’s actually a terrifying technology that is guaranteed to result in a Jeff Goldblum fly monster that will eat your face off as he screams his horrifying man-fly scream. It also taught us the perils of merging two very different things. Apparently, Vaughn Pinpin isn’t very familiar with Goldblum’s filmography, because he’s gone and merged two things that simply shouldn’t come together. Tim Burton and Pokemon. When I think of Pokemon — as I often do, since I’m a hopeless geek — images of cute and colorful creatures come to my mind. I want to pinch Pikachu’s cheeks, I don’t even care that he may very well fry my unsuspecting ass with a thunderbolt.

When I look at these demons, the only thought that graces my mind is the one that tells me to cave its comically large head in with a baseball bat and set it on fire before it consumes my soul. If you don’t mind enduring the feeling of one of these hellspawn creatures devouring your soul as it looks up at you with its giant glowing eyes, then sure, click that ‘read more’ link. Nothing bad will happen to you, I promise.

For more of Pinpin’s work, check out his gallery.

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