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I Want To Wear This ‘Left 4 Dead’ Smoker Mask Every Day

I want this mask, and I want it bad.

Synapse FX has crafted a gorgeous mask inspired by the Smoker from Left 4 Dead. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure they only made one, which leaves it to me to make one myself. By “make one,” I mean I’m going to dab a few splotches of green and grey paint on my face and hold a rope of Licorice in my mouth. Then I think I’ll walk up to people and slowly caress their faces with my new Licorice tongue until someone grabs the end of the rope in their mouth and our faces draw closer to each other like that scene in Lady and the Tramp. When that happens I’ll know I’ve found my soul mate.

This mask was crafted out of latex and given a custom paint job by someone with an unfairly large amount of talent. It also comes with two tongues — the short one you see in the photo and a two foot elastic rubber version that stretches up to six feet. I’d very much like to see what that one looks like.

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