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[WTF] Original 1979 MEDIA ‘Halloween’ VHS Sells For Whopping $13,000 On Ebay!

Twitter pal Matt Serafini just blew my mind with this shocking Ebay discovery

With bidding ending on May 31, someone paid a shocking $13,220 (plus a bizarre $3.77 shipping!) for an original MEDIA copy of John Carpenter’s Halloween on VHS. I guess it is pretty cool to own Michael Myers’ first appearance in the format. I wonder what BETA goes for?

The original Halloween was released several times with the first incarnation being in 1979 (as seen above). Media Home Entertainment, which released various copies of the classic slasher, also referenced the film as HalloweeN (note the capital “N”).

You can actually read a pretty interesting historical account at this Angelfire site (a flashback in its own right!).

Starring Donald Pleasence, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nancy Kyes, P.J. Soles and Charles Cyphers, “a psychotic murderer institutionalized since childhood escapes on a mindless rampage while his doctor chases him through the streets.



  • ThunderDragoon

    Damn! I wonder if I have anything that somebody would pay that much for! It would be nice.

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    Wow, I’m going to stock up on other VHS titles, wait a few years and sell them on ebay too…

  • djblack1313

    i HAVE one of these!! i’m not joking. i need to see if it’s still in my storage.

    • Nightflyre9

      DJBlack, I would be tearing those storage boxes apart at this very moment! Lol.

    • huntermc

      There’s probably someone who got outbid that’s willing to pay you $12,000 for it.

  • Milk

    I as well have one of these. It’s with all my other old horror VHS’ at my parents house. HOWEVER.. I have the MEDIA version not the MEDA version shown in the ebay picture. That’s why it’s worth the price it is.

  • Melissa

    I have all these rare obscure horror movies when I used to buy a bunch from mom and pop stores when they went out of business. I just checked ebay and copies of rare horror movies can go for a 100 or more bucks. I need to get to my storage too to sell them along with my massive Atari game collection.

  • shelly84

    Do ppl, like hardcore collectors, really pay that much for a movie? Wow I am impressed…

  • bdwolfe312

    I actually own a betamax copy…my spidey sense is tingling….but I also own a CED Selectavision of parts 1-3, and those are worth less than $50 combined…

  • Sean Thompson

    Looks like the deal fell through. The same seller has got it back on eBay…going for $20 so far! lol

  • Tom

    That’s absolutely rediculous! I get nostalgia and all, but… wow! $13,000 for a vhs tape, meanwhile most middle americans can barely pay the bills. Hmmm.

  • Kukri-Jo

    Something phony about this whole thing. Log into Ebay and look at the bidding history. Bunch of people with either zero or two feedbacks bidding, only one buyer with forty. Plus the seller either sold the exact same item or another copy of it on May 18th with an even phonier bidding history. I think this will turn out to be all bogus in the end.

  • bonerdoner82

    Let me clear up a couple of things. I signed up for this forum just to leave a comment about this thread. I won this exact tape that was up for auction on ebay last month. I won it for $86 + shipping and I was very very worried the authenticity of this tape looking at the previous bidding history. I received it and it is the real deal. This is NOT the 1979 Media release it is The 1978 MEDA release. MEDA not MEDIA. The brand MEDA changed its name to MEDIA later that year. That is why this tape is soooo rare and went for 13,000 dollars. The seller told me that he had posted the ad twice before, first selling for $500 and the buyer did not pay, and then again it sold for 13,220 in which the buyer failed to make payment again. I saw it up for auction again and thought something was fishy about the whole situation but watched it anyway. Most potential buyers gave up on it because the high bidding amount and the sketchiness of it all. I through up a max bid of $100 and surprisingly I won it for $83 or something. Ive seen two or three media versions sell on ebay within the last month for $127 ect. I gurantee you will not see this rare MEDA version up for sell unless its from me.

  • Back when Charles Band started up the company in 1979,it was originally named Meda Entertainment(after his first wife) but soon changed to Media Home Entertainment,for any VHS/Beta videos with Meda in its title(and on its opening intro) is truly worth a lotta money.

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