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NSFW: ‘Piranha 3D’s’ Riley Steele Becomes Queen Of the Butt-Selfies

It’s no secret that there were only 3 things good about Alex Aja’s Piranha 3D – the gore, Jessica Szohr and Riley Steele. And thanks to the new age of social networking, we’re getting a whole new look at Steele.

AITH was the first (to my knowledge) to catch wind of Steele’s Twitter account, which is begging for your attention (and may have you standing at attention). Instead of pounding her users with duck-face selfies, she’s turned the camera to the other end…

While an obvious cheap attempt for us to grab some traffic, there’s no denying that I just looked at each and every “butt-selfie” shared by the adult film star. It plays out like a desperate plea for attention…that’s clearly working.

Check out a batch of shots of the beautiful Piranha 3D starlet inside. Warning: this is probably NOT WORK SAFE.



  • djblack1313

    only 3 good things about P3D and yet you leave out KELLY BROOK?! are you blind or did you just have a lapse in memory. Brook (and the gore) were the best things about the movie.

  • dariofulci

    Uhhh, yeah, Kelly Brook is worth three Riley Steeles and a Jessica Szohr! While I do enjoy these pics, it seems as if she got some butt implants lol

    • djblack1313

      dariofulci, i was thinking the same thing. her butt wasn’t that…”full” in P3D. definite butt implants.

      • dariofulci

        Glad you see it too, so I know my memory isn’t failing. Of course I’m always too busy looking at Kelly when I see P3D to pay much attention to Riley’s behind.

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