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Hope You’re Burning For ‘Rabid Love’

Paul J. Porter has released a trailer and posters for his throwback indie Rabid Love, starring Hayley Derryberry, Jessica Sonneborn, Brandon Stacy, Josh Hammond, Hannah Landberg.

The film that’s throwback to classic horror films of the late 70’s and early 80’s will be taking a road tour

Here’s an insanely too long synopsis:

Today’s horror films have lost the charm and fun of the classics from my favorite period for them- the late 70’s and early 80’s. Films like ‘An American Werewolf in London’, ‘Evil Dead’, ‘The Howling’, and ‘Friday the 13th’ were among the first horror films I ever saw- they left a lasting impression and set the foundation for my idea of what constitutes a good one. ‘Rabid Love’ builds on the tried and true plot of young people in the woods and includes all the critical elements that fans of the genre expect.

Our story takes place in 1984 and is a rejuvenation of these classic films. As a young child in the 80’s, the time period holds a special place in my mind as a mixture of dreams and memories- I made it a point to bring the look and feel of the era through in the settings, props, wardrobe, and most importantly, the characters of the film.

When Heather Ross and her lifelong friends take one final trip out to a cabin in the woods before they go their separate ways after graduating from college, the weekend takes an unexpected turn when people start disappearing. Is one of their own responsible? How about the killer bear that’s rumored to be in the woods? Maybe one of the seemingly unstable hunters that have been drawn to the area and are out to get the bear? Join Heather and the gang as they find out where their loyalties truly lie and discover the secrets of the forest that might become a grave for all of them!

RL is not a gory slasher film, but a thrilling and nostalgic story about unique characters with their own motivations and desires. They just happen to catch the attention of an evil recluse living in the woods and become the subjects of his latest experiment when all they wanted was a happy weekend with their friends before they all went their separate ways to their post-college lives.

I hope you enjoy the film and are interested enough to learn more about how it was made and the plans we have for it!

Despite warnings from the locals of a man-killing bear loose in the woods, the group has a good time at the cabin until Heather’s boyfriend, John, meets a strange hunter in the woods.

People start to disappear and things get bloody- turning the weekend of fun into a fight for survival against the strange hunter, nature itself, and an unknown beast lurking in the shadows!



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