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Fiona Dourif Says ‘Curse Of Chucky’ Is “Scary Again!”

While we still don’t know exactly when Curse of Chucky, the sixth film in the franchise written and directed by franchise creator Don Mancini, will come out – I’m definitely super excited to check in with Chucky again.

It’s also cool that Fiona Dourif (The Master, “True Blood”) is joining the universe as the film’s star, she’s the daughter of Brad Dourif (the voice of Chucky), so maybe there’s a cool bit of shorthand going on. Either way, I spoke to Dourif this morning (who called in from the set of her new film Precious Mettle) and she seems just as primed for a return to classic Chucky as the rest of us.

I’ll be publishing the entire interview in a day or so, so be sure to check back then for more on Chucky and Precious Mettle (Facebook page here). In the meantime head inside for a quick tidbit on the film’s tone and whether or not we should expect any further sequels.

How does Chucky come back in this film? “You’re gonna have to wait and see! I mean, Chucky always comes back, right?

You’ve got Don Mancini directing, who created the character and wrote all the films. But it’s more of a sequel to the original three, rather than Bride or Seed correct? “I mean I think the idea behind it, or the mission statement, is that Chucky is scary again. It’s a sequel in the style of a remake. I think it’s closest to ‘Child’s Play 1.’

Are you signed on for more if the franchise continues? “I cannot say. It might give away things!

In the film, “Nica (Fiona Dourif) is grieving over the gruesome suicide of her mother when her domineering older sister Barb (Danielle Bisutti) arrives with her young family in tow to help settle their mother’s affairs. As the sisters butt heads over Nica’s plans for the future, Barb’s young daughter comforts herself with a grinning, red-haired talking doll named Chucky (voiced again by Brad Dourif) that recently arrived mysteriously in the mail. But as a string of brutal murders begins to terrorize the household, Nica suspects the doll may hold the key to the bloodshed. What she doesn’t know is that Chucky has a personal score to settle. He’s determined to finish a job he started more than 20 years earlier, and this time he’s going to see it through to the bloody and shocking end.




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