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[Exclusive] Preview: ‘The Crow: Curare’ #1

James O’barr, the original creator of “The Crow” graphic novel (which was the source material for the film), returns to series this week with “The Crow: Curare” #1. This time the vengeful spirit takes over the body of Joe Stalk, a down in the dumps cop who is out for revenge. The recent Crow comic books have been inconsistent to say the least, but I have high hopes this time around considering O’barr is back on board. We’ve got an exclusive preview from IDW below.

WRITTEN BY: James O’barr
ART BY: Antoine Dode, Antoine Dode
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: June 12th, 2013

Retired Detroit cop Joe Salk was a good cop, but after a little girl’s murder, his wife left him because of his obsession to find her killers. Now completely alone, his need for revenge might just be helped by the young victim, returned and empowered by the spirit of vengeance, the Crow…



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