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Minnie Driver Gets ‘Stage Fright’ In First Ever Image, Art….

We’re hearing pretty great things about Jerome Sable’s Stage Fright, a new indie horror that was taken to the Cannes market last month.

“Stage Fright tells the story of a snobby musical theater camp terrorized by a blood-thirsty masked killer who despises musical theatre.

Today we landed the official sales art, as well as a first look at star Minnie Driver in the film.

Meat Loaf, Allie MacDonald, Douglas Smith, Kent Nolan, Brandon Uranowitz, Ephraim Ellis, Melanie Leishman, James McGowan, Steffi DiDomenicantonio, Ryan Bobkin, Leanne Miller and Adrianna Di Liello also star. Thanks to BD reader ‘Jonny B.’ for the tip.

  • What on earath…

  • bluegrasslass

    Sounds like a re-make of the Michele Soavi slasher of the same name … *yawn*

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