The Animals Invade the UK in New Trailer For ‘You’re Next’

  • djblack1313

    i want to watch this new trailer so bad but i’ll wait until i see the movie in theaters!

    • Kroork

      That’s exactly how I feel, I don’t wanna spoil anything

    • coldblood

      I’ve been waiting 2 friggin years. But August will get here soon enough.

      No it won’t.

  • rgold

    Perfect song for the trailer… Love me some Lou Reed :)

    • coldblood

      This is the second best use of this song. The first being the heroin overdose scene in Trainspotting.

    • BannerPilot

      A cover was used in the very first The Signal trailer.

  • Golic

    Why are people so excited for this, this looks generic as fuck!

    • EvanDickson

      @Golic the movie isn’t generic. While I like the trailer, there is MUCH more to the film.

  • egaltt23

    Awesome trailer!!! Sooo excited!!!

  • osvd

    reminds me of the strangers and the collector looks nice tho..

  • justina

    when lou reed started playing, i literally got the chills. creepiest use of this song ever. im sort of excited for this!