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‘Final Destination’ Creator Resurrecting ‘The Undertakers’!!

Jeffrey Reddick has signed on with Andrew van den Houten’s Modernciné Films (The Woman, Jug Face, All Cheerleaders Must Die) to bring Ty Drago’s zombie young adult series The Undertakers to the big screen, reports Deadline.

The books, described as Spy Kids crossed with “The Walking Dead” “centers on Will Ritter, a high school student who begins to see that some of the people around him are “Deaders,” inter-dimensional entities that take over the bodies of the dead and use them as hosts. When Will is recruited by a group of kids who are also gifted with “The Sight,” he discovers that he holds the secret to stopping this new type of terrifying invasion.

“I’ve been trying to find a project to do with Andrew for years and when I read Ty’s book I knew this was the one. It’s a unique concept with compelling characters and a fun mixture of adventure, cool sci-fi and intense horror,” said Reddick, who created the multi-sequel Final Destination franchise.

Drago’s “The Undertakers: Rise Of The Corpses” was published in 2011 with “The Undertakers: Queen Of The Dead” following in 2012. Kiddick has already completed a screenplay based on the first book.



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