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[BD Review] Brad Says ‘Hatchet III’ Is Fun But The Formula Is Getting Stale

Hatchet 3 Hatchet III

In limited theaters and VOD tomorrow (June 14th) from MPI/Dark Sky Films is director BJ McDonnell’s Hatchet III. Mr. Disgusting and I hit up the premiere earlier this week and he left fairly mixed on the film. I have to say I pretty much agree with this review, the movie was a lot of fun in spots but had some problematic character and narrative elements.

I think McDonnell did an absolutely incredible job with what he was given and at the very least delivers some gore and thrills that hardcore horror fans are going to eat up. I had a pretty good time, even though I couldn’t shake the feeling I was watching a 10-year-old’s vision of ‘Friday the 13th.’

Read the full review here and be sure to write your own once it’s out!



  • ChildoftheKoRn

    Isn’t that the whole point of the fucking series? He totally missed it.

  • djblack1313

    this entry was WAY better than part 2. not as good as part 1 but still way better than 2. Danielle was awesome and most of the characters (while most were throwaway and there for kill total) weren’t annoying (like in part 2).

    i was quite happy with this entry (much to my surprise).

    • djblack1313

      but i DO agree w/ Brad that the formula & setting of these movies is getting stale. this should be the last movie or they should write it so that they can have it in a new setting.

      • weresmurf

        Porno level acting: Check
        Daniel Harris gratuitous body shot: Check! (Yippee!)
        Gore galore: Check!
        Mucho fun!: Check
        Better than part 2: Check
        Not better than part 1?: Check. (only because part 1’s the original. But possibly on par with part 1.)

        Not too shabby overall I thought personally, but yeah, no more sequels unless they shake up the formula majorly.

        • djblack1313

          weresmurf, LOL! exactly! 🙂

        • Zombster

          Awesome! Danielle Harris! Enough Said Lol!

  • Slasher_Lover23

    I actually found this one to be my new favorite, followed by the original. This one I felt had a nice change and became slightly darker and more serious as far as the story, despite the over the top (but fun as always) kills. Danielle was amazing as ever in this.

  • St.-Frantic

    Saw it, and as a fan of all three, I really think it was the best. Character’s didn’t seem to make as many stupid decisions, however I don’t think the effects were as good. Perhaps it didn’t have as good of a budget.

    I’d give the first a 3/5
    Hatchet 2 – 3.5/5
    Hatchet 3 – 4/5

    Some cool cameo’s and easter egg’s.

  • SuperKilla

    I still like part 1 the best but I like part 2 and 3 the same. Part 2 did have annoying characters but I think it had better death scenes.
    The thing is with Victor Crowley, his ghost is confined to that swamp so it will be hard to change the setting for another sequel. But I’ll always be down for some more Hatchet kills.

  • RudyIgnbv

    The first hatchet was amazing but the second and specially the third are unrealistic and have some of the worst and poor-executed deaths I ve seen since the hostal movies even though I found there are a couple of brutal and funny deaths in the second and the third hatchet

  • Milk

    I’m not really a fan of the franchise but what can you really expect from the Hatchet series? They aren’t supposed to be a masterpiece, just something fun to watch.

  • Zombster

    As a Horror Movies fan since I could open my eyes as a baby, I have to SAY. . . . These were Good Movies. I enjoyed them. I have seen plenty of movies that would be considered an embarrassment to the horror genre.PLUS Tony Todd was in this trilogy!

  • joeshmo447

    Since Crowley is stuck in the swamp the only possible way to make a sequel with different anything is bring the new location to him. Build a mall or haunted carnival or school it really doesn’t matter at this point

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