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Fan Made “BioShock” Film Wants Feature Job…

Swedish directors André Hedetoft and Andreas Climent don’t quite understand that a BioShock movie isn’t looking for a director, it’s looking for financing. So, their fan-made video plea is only going to get them so far…

What we have is a live-action fan film from the Swedish directors inspired by “Bioshock,” one of the most popular video games of all time. Made on a super low budget and shot in one day, with post-production taking place over a period of several months.

Watch as a Little Sister delivers a goodie to Big Daddy.

Would you hire these guys to direct a BioShock film for Universal?



  • Fritte

    I am from Sweden myself and all I have to say is:
    Sorry, but no. I didn’t think this was any good at all.
    The guy just looked like some crazy ass rapist who was after some.. well.. you know..
    So no – I would NOT hire these guys to direct a Bioshock movie. This was just not good enough.

  • SkullBunnie

    Yeah ..i gotta agree with Fritte. definitely not. the perfect director for Bioshock is Kerry Conran from Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow. The movie sucked dick for quarters but the visuals were spot on.

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