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8 Horror Games We Missed At E3!

Not seeing more of Until Dawn worries me, especially since Sony heavily pushed their indie horror showings at E3 last week. Outlast and Daylight were there, so what happened to that teen slasher you promised us? Huh? HUH?


Being disappointed with Valve for not showing a game is a huge waste of time, but it’s been four years and I want a new Left 4 Dead. I could go on, but Gabe’s far too busy counting his Steam money to remember Valve makes video games, so what’s the point?

I didn’t expect Konami to show us a new Silent Hill, mostly because I believe the series is in a bit of trouble. For Konami to green-light a new SH, I suspect it’s going to either need to be cheap to produce — an arcade title, maybe — or it’ll need something exciting to make it more profitable. Like, say, involvement from Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima. After the (minor) duds that were Downpour, the HD Collection and Book of Memories, this franchise needs something to make it exciting again.

It’s obviously a wee bit too early to be hoping for the reveal of a sequel to ZombiU, especially after Ubisoft recently made it clear they won’t be making more Wii U games until Nintendo does something to boost the console’s awful sales.

There’s some hope for it yet. Last month, Ubisoft confirmed an “early prototype” for the game is in development. I say they slap a big red approval on that bad boy, quietly remove the U from the title and bring it to Sony and Microsoft’s platforms.

The honorable mentions! First up, Dead Island 2. Dying Light is the only reason I’m okay with Techland not mentioning a true Dead Island sequel. As amazing as their next-gen zombie parkour game looks, I really do hope they continue their other zombie franchise. I’ve had a lot of fun with it so far, and it’d be sad to see it go away prematurely.

I feel like Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs also deserves an honorable mention. It’s coming soon, so another freaky teaser trailer would’ve been nice. But honestly, they don’t need to do a single thing to sell me on this. I’ll be getting it on day one.

How about you? Let me know what horror games you wanted to see at this year’s E3 in the comments below!

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