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[Random Cool] Photographer Takes Photos Of Concert Fans Dressed As The Act They’re Going To See

Going to a concert is often the very best place to do some people watching. There are always the type of people who view a concert as a time to dress like their favorite band, seeing it like some Halloween-esque occasion where they can emulate and, in a strange manner, become the person they so idolize. Myself? I wear a t-shirt and some jeans. I look a bit like a schlub. It’s what I’m used to.

In any case, it’s still fascinating to see how people dress when they go to a concert. And I’m apparently not the only one who thinks so. Photographer James Mollison, in 2008, took panoramic photos of people who were attending various concerts, be it Marilyn Manson, 50 Cent, Rod Stewart, Motorhead, or many others. Check out the gallery below or a cool audio/visual journey here.

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