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5 Minutes of ‘Europa Report’ Starring ‘District 9’s’ Sharlto Copley!

Check out an insanely long 5-minute version of this morning’s footage from Sebastian Cordero’s sci-fi horror flick Europa Report, which stars District 9‘s Sharlto Copley alongside Michael Nyqvist, Daniel Wu, Anamaria Marinca, Christian Camargo, and Karolina Wydra.

Penned by Philip Gelatt, the film tells of “a group of astronauts, handpicked from around the world, who make the arduous journey to Jupiter’s frigid, glacial moon Europa in search of extraterrestrial life. The only thing more intimidating and unpredictable than the trip itself is what the team will encounter upon arrival…

The film opens June 27th on VOD and in theaters Aug 2nd from Magnet Releasing.



  • Ravinus

    Wow. That really pushed the horror element.

  • diapers

    Indeed, not a lot of horror in this particular clip, but the trailer does at least hint at a horror-esque element. I’m still very much looking forward to it. The combo of found footage and documentary reminds me of “The Tunnel”. And I’m admittedly a big giant fan of sci fi. That being said, you’d think whoever financed a trip to Europa would have sprung for a little more than ~5 frames per second fucking suit cameras for the ground crew, yes?

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