Mongrel Media Acquires Fairytale Horror ‘After’ Because It Has A “True Blood” Star


Mongrel Media has struck a deal for North American rights to Ryan Smith’s After, the Hollywood Reporter writes.

U.K. based genre specialist movie sales company Jinga Films sold the title to Mongrel.

Billed as a dark fantasy, the movie boasts a cast that includes Karloyna Wydra (“House”) who has landed a vampire role in the upcoming season of HBO’s “True Blood.”

It details the story of two bus crash survivors who share the same dream whilst in a coma and also stars Steven Strait (10,000 BC). In their parallel world they wake in a deserted town surrounded by a mysterious mist inside which are monsters hell bent on preventing their escape.

Jinga’s Rosana Coutinho said interest in the movie surged on the back of Wydra’s “True Blood” casting.