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6 Indie Horror Games You Need To Play!




Ivan Zanotti’s NothingElse is one of the trippier indie horror games I’ve played. It’s short, but the events you’ll witness over the course of its 20-30 minute long story will stick with you long after you played it. As you can hear at the end of the video, the story leaves room for a bit of interpretation. We don’t get enough ambiguity in horror games these days. With the exception of Downpour, even the Silent Hill series has mostly strayed from that kind of storytelling. It’s a shame, because I adore that sort of thing.

Get it here. (free)


Remember this? Matt Cohen’s Paranormal is the indie horror game I declared the scariest I’ve played so far this year. While Kraven Manor certainly gives it a run for its money, it’s still a deeply terrifying game. What makes it so scary is the procedural scares. This means every time you play it you’ll encounter new “haunts,” which can range from voices to creepy smokey ghost ladies who will definitely kill you.

Get it here. ($10)

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