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[BD Review] Brad Has A Blast With ‘World War Z’ Until It Loses Steam

Paramount Pictures’ World War Z comes out tomorrow, June 21st. And while it might have had a troubled production, it’s nowhere near the disaster people thought it might be. In fact, it seems that most people I’ve talked to really like the movie, and I count myself among them. It doesn’t always make a whole lot of sense, but it’s certainly passable. Brad (Mr. Disgusting) dug it as well, even though he thought the 3rd act was pretty weak. I actually think the film got better as it got smaller – but to each their own!

It’s really a treat to see Brad Pitt starring in something this risky and, even with the lackluster finale, ‘World War Z’ still manages to deliver. If anything, horror fans should expect a mindless popcorn muncher jam-packed with incredible set pieces.

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  • Joe-Banger

    Looks like a lot of hype, Ill wait for the dvd.

  • En_Noir

    I’m gonna try and go into this movie acting as if I never had read the book, or as if it has anything to do with the book…I’m sure it’ll be fun, but the fact they bastardized the source material to such a ridiculous extent, is really off putting.

  • MachetAY

    PG 13 in every sense of that rating. I liked the pace and action, and it is an action movie not a horror movie, but give me 28 Days Later over this any day of the week. Not bad but I was expecting more.

  • djblack1313

    VERY good movie! not amazing but definitely worth seeing on the big screen. the swarming/attack scenes are excellent. i was nervous about how the 3rd act (written by Lindelof) was but it was actually really good! it reminded me a lot (in setting/tone/creepiness) of the first Resident Evil movie.

    the best parts IMO are the Jerusalem scenes. the female soldier Gerry meets was also very very good. Mireille Enos (of THE KILLING) was terrific as well. i like that the movie kept going back and forth with scenes of Gerry and scenes with his family waiting on the ship.

    i’m DYING to see the scrapped 3rd act involving Pitt and others fighting hand to hand the undead. we see very quick flashes of it in the very end and it looked amazing. hopefully it will be on the DVD.

    lastly, there ARE slower, starting to decimate zombies in this. it’s not all super fast ones. this movie most definitely is getting a bad wrap (from people and news outlets that hadn’t even seen the movie.

    i give this an 8 out of 10. i plan on seeing it again on Sunday.

  • GoreFaceSupreme

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the last act of the original 28 days later screenplay take place in a medical facility? I’m sure I saw storyboards or something for it a while back. So anyway, if that’s the case (and I’m certain it is) then this film’s finale was a blatant rip off (notice the Pepsi scene too). And anyway, the film was just dull. Either make a zombie film with all the blood and guts that goes with it, or don’t make one at all. That was the cleanest (as in mess, not efficiency) severing of a limb I have ever seen.

    • djblack1313

      no. the very OPENING of 28 DAYS LATER has Jim waking up in a deserted hospital. he, on his way out, finds a can of soda by the vending machines and drinks one. the ending is Jim, Selena & Hanna escaping the mansion that they military rapists occupied. it cuts to the 3 in a cottage (somewhere in remote England).

      i agree that the cutting of the limb scene was a joke (and kind of an insult…they show more blood/gore on CSI) but the movie was far from dull. i can’t believe anyone would claim that but whatever. i respect your opinion.

      • LilBastardFromHell

        I think he meant this alternate ending, which is really very different. Part 1 of the Storyboards:

        • GoreFaceSupreme

          djblack I wasn’t talking about the 28 days later film. I was talking about the original ending that was changed before production.

  • djblack1313

    the user review option on this movie isn’t working.

  • Canucklehead

    People need to relax the movie is not trying to be the book, its an adaptation and a mediocre one at that.Saw it today and I totally agree with the review, there were some amazing set pieces and BP was pretty good but it was mindless summertime amusement.

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