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[Boredom Bytes] It’s Good Versus Evil In These Short Films Made By Bloody Disgusting Readers!

I hope you have some snacks handy, because I’m about to drop another trio of horror shorts, crafted with utmost care by your fellow Bloody Disgusting readers. Demons? Check. Zombies? Check. A vampire with a conscience? Check and check.

After the jump I have So Dark, Six Feet Under, and We Are What We Eat. They’re all wildly different horror films that share the theme of good vs. evil. If you have some time to spare, you should definitely check these out.

First up is Al Lougher’s So Dark, the sequel to So Pretty, which we covered last December. It takes place almost immediately after the events in So Pretty, where Sean, a two century old vampire has been arrested for murdering a pedophile. Someone needs to give this guy a budget, because his movies are slick.

Next up, we have Six Feet Under, a horror short directed by Darien Davis of Audio Visual Head Space. In it, “A priest and assistant wage an epic battle against The Unholy, a being from the beyond.” It’s short, creepy, and definitely something you’ll want to play with the volume up.

SIX FEET UNDER (Short Cuts to Hell Competition entry) from Audio Visual Head Space on Vimeo.

And finally, We Are What We Eat. This horror short was directed by Sam Toller — who’s sixteen, by the way — and produced by Darien Davis, who directed Six Feet Under (above). It centers around a high school student named Nicole who finds herself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately, she does not decide to mow the zombies down using her peppy cheerleae

WE ARE WHAT WE EAT from Audio Visual Head Space on Vimeo.

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