More Recent Trailer For Cannibal Horror ‘The Colony’

  • suedepup

    Love love LOVE the premise! But from the way the trailer was slapped together, I get the feeling Hollywood may have turned it into a fast food popcorn flick. Regardless, I’m not passing up a post-apocalyptic arctic horror flick No way! I’d love to see a video game with this plot.

  • John Marrone

    Looks pretty decent. Like the setting. On a side note, dont you with The Thing had made it to the mainland, and they made a movie about it, instead of that prequel? *sigh

    • John Marrone

      I mean “wish”

  • WolfQueen

    Wow, this movie has already been in theatres and gone here in Eastern Canada. It only lasted a week here because it was such a major bomb. Interesting to see if it gets good box office elsewhere.

  • diapers

    When given proper treatment, scifi horror can be top notch (Pandorum, Event Horizon). Hopefully this has received proper treatment as well.